About us

Idioma Brasil is a Portuguese for foreigners course placed in Sorocaba, São Paulo. It’s only purpose is to teach the Portuguese language spoken in Brazil.

The director of Idioma Brasil, Tamara Krzonkalla, is also one of the teachers. She is graduated and post-graduated in Portuguese Language by the Rio de Janeiro State University.

Born in Rio, now-a-days Tamara lives in Sorocaba. Her experience was achieved over several years teaching the Portuguese language to expats of several nationalities in Rio de Janeiro. She led with two other partners a Portuguese course for more than 18 years which attended expats from companies of all over the world, as well as their families. Tamara is also coauthor of the didactic series “Vivendo o Português do Brasil” (Living the Brazilian Portuguese), which books are used in the course.

Learning a new language is a great challenge and Idioma Brasil is the course to guide you in this enterprise.